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De-cluttering and organizing crafts

After - Arts and Crafts Storage

One of my clients struggled with finding a place for all the arts and crafts that took up this space. Boxes and papers were thrown together in random piles, coloring books and school work were intermingled, and many things were randomly piled on top while other things were spilling onto the floor and onto a table (not pictured). This could certainly overwhelm anyone to the point that it just gets ignored – and then it gets worse. “I don’t even know where to start!” was the feeling in the house.

We started at the beginning. Like reading a book, we started from the top left cubby and worked our way across and down. Common themes of the arts and crafts started to emerge, and we were able to categorize – one area each for coloring and stamping, two cubbies each for learning and activities, and three cubbies for crafts. Labeling each of these appropriately will also make it easy to find things.

After the cubbies were in order, we cleaned up the floor and the table and used only the cubbies as an acceptable place for storage (although some things did belong in other rooms). The top of the storage unit, the wardrobe, and the storage drawers were fairly easy because there was already some organized thought put into these areas.  The bins on the top are virtually empty now, with room for each child to store an active project until they are ready to complete it.

Now the kids (and adults) can find arts and crafts without stumbling and wondering where things are, and they can even use the table to complete their craft!

How much was trashed?
One full recycling bin and one full kitchen trash bag were trashed, and one full paper grocery bag contained things that belonged elsewhere. Many of the things that were trashed were unusable in their current condition, broken, or unwanted. There were only a couple of difficult decisions that needed to be made in order to make the space usable.

How much needed to be purchased?
Nothing. We only used what we had on hand to store and reorganize.

How long did it take?
This area took 4.5 hours to complete, broken across two days.

Before - Arts and Crafts Storage

Before – Arts and Crafts Storage

After - Arts and Crafts Storage

After – Arts and Crafts Storage