Q&A – Kids’ Clothing

I was recently asked by a friend, “How much kids’ clothing should I have?” My answer – it depends, and it doesn’t just apply to kids’ clothing! You need to ask yourself some questions and provide honest answers.

How much space do you have?
Are you cramming things in to the point other clothing falls on the ground when you try to pull something out. Have you given up trying to hang things? Are you pressing down on dresser drawers so that you can close them? If your answer is “yes” to any or all of these, chances are, you don’t have enough space for what you own. Instead of remodeling or moving, it might be time to get rid of a few things!

How often do you do laundry?
How often do you travel and put off laundry for next week?
How often do things get dirty and need to change in the same day?
These are similar questions in that I assume that you’re not a supermom/superdad and get all the laundry done every single week. Which means you need more than 7 days’ worth of clothing , especially if you have kids that like to get dirty. Be practical about how much clothing you really need.

How many items of the same color do you really need?
When I find a style that I like and fits me well, I personally buy a few but in different colors. Is it necessary to have 5 blue shirts? Probably not, unless it’s a uniform you need to wear every day. The answer to this question will be a personal one on personal taste and necessity, but it can be a question to help you decide what clothing to donate or sell.

Does it get worn?
If you (or your kids) are not wearing it, why is it still in the closet or dresser? If you’re not sure, develop a system to find out. Turn all your clothing inside out and hang it back up/put it in the drawer. As you do laundry, put it away right-side-out. If after a season there are items that are still inside out, get rid of them.

How old is it?
Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to get rid of the oldest pieces of clothing. It’s given you a good run, now it’s time to let it go.

Does it fit?
If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it. Hand-me-downs are an exception, but those should be stored separately if you have the space.

Did you buy something new?
If you’re just starting to pare down, get rid of 2 items for every 1 new item you buy. If you’re already at a good amount, get rid of 1 item for every 1 new item.

Ultimately, you will get your closet back in order, and you may even be able to find your favorite outfit again!

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