March, 2013

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Legos, Legos Everywhere

Legos are a great way to let kids be creative, learn to follow directions, and learn about architecture and engineering. However, if you don’t have a place to store them, they can take over a room or even a house! That’s why there’s no “before” picture on this post. Legos were everywhere. My client found an empty plastic bin, and then we got started.

A pile of Christmas presents was still on the family room floor, which included several Lego boxes. Those were put into the bin first, with the caveat that when the boxes are opened, the pieces will get stored in zipper bags with the correct instructions. Then we focused on the Legos in the boys’ room.

Tip: When storing Lego kits, keep the pieces together in a single zipper bag along with the instructions. The boxes take up more room than necessary and are not resealable.

As we searched for Legos, we cleared other clutter from book cases, the top of the dresser, and the floor. Open Lego kits were placed in zipper bags with their instructions, and loose Lego pieces were placed in the blue bin that’s pictured. Two assembled kits that were moved for display on top of book cases (not pictured here), and many other things were relocated to their proper place in the house.

How much was trashed?

  • One full paper grocery bag for recycling
  • Half a kitchen trash bag for trash
  • One full paper grocery bag contained things that belonged elsewhere

How much needed to be purchased?
Nothing. We only used what we had on hand to store and reorganize.

How long did it take?
This area took 1.5 hours to complete.

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